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HoWlinG HauNteD HoUsE
Fabric Requirements and House Paper Piecing Pattern

Candy Corn Border and Corners

Love in Bloom Materials List
Love in Bloom Block 1

Love in Bloom Block 2

Love in Bloom Block 3

Love in Bloom Block 4

Snowy Noel Supply list
Snowy Noel Block 1 "Snowy Stocking"
Snowy Noel Blk 2 "Snowy Toy Soilders"
Snowy Noel Blk 3 "Snowy Candles"
Snowy Noel Blk 4 "Snowy Lantern with Toy Car"

Snowy Noel Blk 6 " Snowy Wreath with Toy Train"

Snowy Noel Blk 7 "Snowy Santa's Hat with Mouse" 
Snowy Noel Blk8 "Snowy Toys"

Romance Series Block 1
Romance Series Block
Romance Series Block 3
Romance Series Block 4

Fluttering Series Block 1

Fluttering Series Block 2

Fluttering Series Block 3
Fluttering Series Block 4
Spooky Hallows Sashings
Spooky Hallows Supply list
Spooky Hallows block  1"Spooky Boot with frog"   
Spooky Hallows block 2 "Spooky Skull with web"

Spooky Hallows block 3 "Spooky Pumpkins"
Spooky Hallows block 4 "Spooky Flowers"

Spooky Hallows block 5 "Spooky Potions"
Spooky Hallows block 6 "Spooky Moon with Bats"
Spooky Hallows block 7 " Spooky Witchy Pumpkin"  

Spooky Hallows block 8 " Spooky Ghosts"
Spooky Hallows block "Spooky Magic" 
Extra Surprise Block to replace Block 4, if flowers aren't wanted.

Spooky Hallows Block 9 "Spooky Spells"

Santa in the Pine Part 1

 Santa in the Pines Part 2 
Santa in the Pines Part 3
Santa in the Pines Part 4

Snowmen in the Pine Part 1

Snowmen in the Pine part 2
Snowmen in the Pine Part 3
Snowmen in the Pines Part 4
Chain of Love Quilt
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